Degree course offeredB. E. (Artificial Intelligence and Data Science)
Course Duration4 years
Year of Establishment2020
Approved byAICTE, New Delhi
Affiliated toUniversity of Pune


Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, are the two most important technologies in the world today. Data Science is the current reigning technology that has conquered industries around the world. It has brought about a fourth industrial revolution in the world today. Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence that is possessed by the machines. Keeping this in view, the Artificial Intelligence and Data Science course has emerged as one of the indispensable engineering disciplines.



To impart quality education and produce industry ready professionals.


1. To provide skill-based education to master the students in problem solving and analytical skills to enhance their skills in the field Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.
2. To foster the students to get expertise in critical skills of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
3. To enable students to experience content-based learning with premier quality data science education and industrial collaboration.
4. To produce competent professionals with leadership and soft skills

Department Information

Highlights of the Department:

  • Students centered Teaching Learning Process
  • Parental care and Counselling
  • State of the art infrastructure and cutting edge laboratories
  • Excellent faculty student ratio.
  • Online learning through NPTEL, Coursera, Spoken Tutorial, etc.
  • Focus on Experiential and Project Based Learning
  • Funding for development of Industry and Research Projects
  • Strong Industry Interface and Hands on Training to students
  • In-house and Industry Internship opportunities
  • Focus on extracurricular activities through NSS.

About Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

What is Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science is a new branch of study which deals with scientific methodologies, processes, and techniques drawn from different domains like statistics, cognitive science, and computing and information science to extract knowledge from structured data and unstructured data. This knowledge is applied in making various intelligent decisions in business applications. Artificial Intelligence and data science focuses on collecting, categorizing, strategizing, analyzing and interpretation of data. It is a specialised branch that deals with the development of data driven solutions, data visualization tools and techniques to analyse big data. It also incorporates the concepts of machine learning and deep learning model building for solving various computational and real world problems

Future of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Artificial Intelligence’s future scope is bright in India, with lots of organizations opting for AI automation. It is necessary to understand the recent developments in AI to find a suitable job role depending on your competencies.

Artificial Intelligence scope is limited to household and business purposes as the medical and aviation sector is also using AI to betterment their services. If AI is outperforming human efforts, then opting for AI automation will slash costs in the long run for a business.

Automation in operating vehicles has created a buzz in the logistics industry as it is expected that automated trucks/vehicles can be used soon. Due to the bright Artificial Intelligence future scope, many AI start-ups are expected to rise in number in the coming years. The number of AI start-ups in India has significantly increased in recent years, giving a hint of the opportunities. Also, India’s talent gap for expert AI developers is huge, and there is a need for AI experts by businesses more than ever. Businesses are not looking to miss out on any type of technology that can revolutionize their business processes. 

The use of data analytics by businesses/firms has also increased in recent years, and AI can enhance the accuracy & speed of the data analytics process. Investors and stakeholders are also investing more in AI start-ups, thus signifying the bright future scope of Artificial Intelligence.

Job Opportunities

  • Computational Philosopher
  • Robot Personality Designer
  • Robot Obedience Trainer
  • Autonomous Vehicle Infrastructure Designer
  • Algorithm Trainers
  • AI Cybersecurity Expert

Job Roles

  • AI analysts and developers
  • AI engineers and scientists
  • AI researchers
  • AI algorithm specialist
  • Robotics expert
  • Military and aviation experts
  • Maintenance and mechanical engineers
  • Surgical AI technicians

Companies which are using Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Apple
  • DJI
  • Deepmind
  • Casetext

Fields using Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Banking
  • Marketing
  • Education
  • Sports
  • Agriculture
  • E-commerce

Students will learn in this course

    • Programming Skills
    • Linear Algebra, Probability, and Statistics
    • Spark and Big Data Technologies
    • Algorithms and Frameworks
    • Communication and Problem-solving Skills
    • AI Developer
    • AI Architect. 
    • Data Manipulation and Analysis.
    • Data Visualization.
    • Machine Learning.
    • Deep Learning.
    • Big Data