Department:Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (2020 Graduating Batch)
Placed: Virtusa Software

 DYPIEMR offers unique combination of learning & self-development. The biggest thing for every Engineering student is to get an opportunity to start their career with a reputed organization and a good package. I got all the support & guidance from faculties of my E&TC Department and the Training & Placement Officers. I am thankful to our Training & Placement Cell for organizing workshops regarding interview skills, communication skills, soft skills and many more.


Name: Ms. Anuja Mulik
Department:Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (2020 Graduating Batch) 

I got placed in Mindtree company and it is because of the efforts put by our faculties and Training and Placement cell , which always make sure that the students get placed in the best company . DYPIEMR provides a great exposure to students by organizing different activities which are very much helpful for the students in campus placements .



Name: Mr. Niraj Bhadoria
Department:Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (2020 Graduating Batch) 

 “Quality time spent, Quality things gained.” It has been a good four years at DYPIEMR. I would like to thank the faculty and the T&P cell for their efforts ensuring our placements. Department undertook many initiatives in conjuncture with the T&P cell for increasing the competence of the students. Each and every department has their own perks, they conduct many department level activities, competition to grind their students' and polish their knowledge.



Name: Mr. Rachit Jain
Department:Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (2020 Graduating Batch)
Placed:Vodafone Shared services

I am Rachit Jain from Electronics and Telecommunication department of Dr. D.Y Patil Institute of Engineering, Management and research, Akurdi. I have been placed in Vodafone Shared Services. I would like to thank our training and placement cell and department for helping me to build my confidence and boost skills through various soft skills trainings, various seminars and weekly coding sessions which is required to full-fill the company standards, and also guiding me and motivating me at every level of this journey. THANK YOU.



Name: Piyush Varma
Department:Computer Engineering (2020 Graduating Batch)

 My four years in COMPUTER department & at DYPIEMR have been excellent and a memory to cherish for a lifetime. The years spent here have been full of learning opportunities that were full of fun and frolic and sometimes with academic grind that one has to go through. The international exposure makes you a better man to face the challenges of the corporate world. Due to the efforts made by the faculty and T & P cell at DYPIEMR, i was able to bag a job in the company called “Bitwise” that i applied for. They always provided me with the assistance that I required for my overall development and to improve my technical knowledge. I will always be grateful to them for providing me a platform of practical learning and preparing me for the corporate life. Video Link: https://youtu.be/3dyJT1f0ZDk



Name: Aradhya Kahate
Department:Computer Engineering (2020 Graduating Batch)
Placed: SABA software

I am Aradhya Kahate from Computer Department. I am proud to say that i belong to this wonderful temple of knowledge Dr.D. Y. Patil Institute of Enginnering , Management and Research. I am very grateful to my faculty and Training and Placement cell in this journey. Right from Third Year, Corporate Relations & Placement Cell engaged us in various activities and responded to each and every query and concern of students of all kinds. With the strong Industry-Institute linkage, the cell also provided us with internship opportunities. My overall experience in the college was great and I am thankful to all for guiding me in all fronts. I am grateful to Corporate Relations & Placement Cell who endlessly works hard for students to get their dream jobs, right from the beginning. Various Soft Skills and Aptitude sessions organized by the Cell boosted my confidence and helped me to face the Campus Recruitment Process with ease. In this great journey my faculty and training and placement cell has help me a lot with the help of training and placement cell and faculty i have been successfully placed in the company SABA SOFTWARE with an package of 6.6 LPA.



Name: Sneha Amin
Department:Computer Engineering (2020 Graduating Batch)
Placed:Virtusa Software

 Hello Everyone, My name is Sneha Amin.I'm a final year student of computer department in DYPIEMR, AKURDI. I am currently placed in Virtusa, I'm glad that I'm placed with a top-notch IT company.For this I would like to thank all my faculties and Training & Placement officers for providing guidance, knowledge, support and training, so that I understood how to showcase my skills in best possible ways. Our Training & Placement officers provided us with free online aptitude test, various study materials that contains questions usually asked in HR round and managerial round. They also conducted various training programs that aimed to improve our skills like soft skill training, GD training, aptitude training and mock interviews, which made us eligible to further facilitate the recruitment process. I'm proud that we have dynamic Training & Placement cell, which works rigoursly to secure future of each and every student in DYPIEMR. Thank you Video Link: https://youtu.be/hX60WZQ6SVA




Name: Dinesh Mittal
Department:Computer Engineering (2020 Graduating Batch)
Placed: Value Labs

 I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. D.Y. Patil Institute of Engineering, Management and Research for helping me at each and every step of my professional career. The institute provided me the best possible platform and infrastructure to excel in my career interest. The faculty made me industry Reddy while the placement and training help me enhance my soft skills which made me stand out from others. I was introduced to various live projects from industry. I also had a good fortune to work for Infostretch in my Summer Internship in Web development. Being a student volunteer for placement activities inculcated in me discipline and values which ultimately help me in securing final placement in Valuelabs.




Name: Rutuja Deshpande
Department:Computer Engineering (2020 Graduating Batch)
Placed:SABA software

 One of the major reasons we look forward for the final year is jobs and achieving this dream of getting placed in one of the best companies with a dream package wouldn't be possible without the efforts of our college and training and placement cell. It is only because of the regular T & P efforts and sessions that made us ready, prepared and gave us the confidence to face the interviews. I was a volunteer at T&P cell because of which I understood what is the process of hiring. I would thank my college and the T & P cell for their consistent efforts, guidance and cooperation that made me pass my engineering with flying colours and get recruited in SABA Software with my dream package. Video Link: https://youtu.be/Qw6Cloq7khM



Name: Ankita Raikwade
Department:Computer Engineering (2020 Graduating Batch)
Placed:Zensar Technologies

 My four years at DYPIEMR have been excellent and a memory to cherish for a lifetime. The years spent here have been full of learning opportunities that were full of fun and frolic. The exposure makes you a better person to face the challenges of the corporate world. Due to the efforts made by the faculty and placement cell, I was able to bag a job in the very first company that I applied for. I was placed at Zensar Technologies in the month of August as soon as the semester begun. They always provided me with the assistance that i required for my overall development and to improve my technical knowledge. I will always be grateful to them for providing me a platform of practical learning and preparing me for the corporate life. Video Link: https://youtu.be/XtrHXWdHnjs



Name: Mr. Yashwant Santosh Gawade
Department:Mechanical Department (2019 batch)
Placed:Hinduja Tech Limited Technologies

 I am Yashwant Santosh Gawade, from Mechanical Department (2019 batch). I am proud to say that I belong to this wonderful temple of knowledge, DYPIEMR. I was highly elated when I got the admission in Mechanical Engineering here. As I had always wished to graduate from a place that has cooperative professors, a state of the art infrastructure, huge library resources, laboratories pertaining to latest technologies and clean and vast campus. My college is the blend of all these. The courses, expert lectures, industrial visits and other co-curricular activities manifolds our knowledge in technical as well in other necessary life long activities. The congenial environment here has given me numerous opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities and groom my personality. This is the place where seniors and juniors work hand in hand bringing laurels for their college by winning in national level competitions. The college environment provides us a platform where we can develop ourselves uniquely and prove to be an expert in highly competitive world.If I have to rate the placement opportunities at DYPIEMR, I would definitely give 9 out of 10. There are number of opportunities offered by the placement cell involving technical, IT's, Non- technical organisations. I have been successfully placed at Hinduja Tech Limited and I am fortunate to be a part of this great Institute and I promise to enlighten the society with the flame of knowledge passed down to me from this auspicious place.


Name: Gentleman Cadet Tanay Kumthekar
Department:BE Chemical 2018 Graduation Batch

I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to all the staff and faculty of Chemical Engineering Department at DYPIEMR, Akurdi. College days hold a very high degree of importance in an individual's life, the lessons learnt during this time generally stay with one for the rest of his/ her life. I can say with utmost confidence that due to the support of the department, my college years were catalytic and transformational. In my opinion, the biggest asset of the Chemical Engineering department is the sincerity of efforts of all the staff members; in both curricular and extra-curricular activities. Although I chose to pursue a slightly different career option after engineering, the department still helped me and guided me in every way it could. Once again I express my gratitude to all the staff and faculty of Chemical Engineering Department, DYPIEMR Akurdi. It is this department that always has 'High Josh’!



Name: Mr. Rajesh Naik
Department:BE Chemical Engineering 2016 Graduation Batch

I would like to specially highlight that, this environment of DYPIEMR turned out as the potters and we stood as mere clay and we were wonderfully shaped into fine pieces of art work. The shaping process was hard and long. Our knowledge and skills were stretched and tested at many points, But in all those stretching, pulling and shaping process the only aim of this institution as a whole was committed for making us what we are and the result is that we’re already learning to adapt the knowledge and understandings that we’ve picked up to actual problems and issues. Teachers can have a tremendous influence on student’s attitudes. As we think of our class co-coordinators and teachers, this becomes true. They molded us by sharing their valuable knowledge and experience and helped us in developing our skills as engineers. The biggest thanks we owe however is to all of them for the faith they had in us and backing us in every way possible to develop ourselves to our best possibilities. Our co-curricular and extra-curricular activities at various level, most memorably and most importantly, gave each of us the opportunity to participate in countless hours of high quality activities with fellow students, facilitators and colleagues. Those vibrant and enthusiastic team mates will always be in our heart Keeping all that in mind ,I promise to my alma mater that I will always uphold the dignity of my profession, wherever I go and whatever I do, letting our light shine.



Name: Mr. Omkar Pore
Department:BE Chemical Engineering

The department of Civil engineering is the best department. Apart from academics, the department is organizing student’s development activities such as soft skills and aptitude trainings, entrepreneurship encouragement programs, industry interactive sessions etc. As a budding department, we have good record of placements, entrepreneurs and students pursuing for higher studies. The whole credit of success goes to dedicated faculty and disciplined students.


Name: Miss. Rutuja Kothawade

Dr. D Y Patil has a brilliant campus with rolling green spaces and eye-catching architecture. The staff here have high Quality knowledge with great mentorship help to students. The labs are well equipped which helps students to research on their projects. The institute has a good track record in placements, I got  placed in Kumkang kind India Pvt Ltd.  It gives me immense pleasure to call myself as a Alumnus of this institution.


Name: Mr. Arshdeep Bhanot

Studying at DYPIEMR was one of the best decisions I have made. It is unforgettable. I have grown up as an individual as well as learnt to interact and talk to people from different backgrounds. Fabulous and rewarding is how I would describe my four years at DYPIEMR. Their strong academic programs, readily accessible faculty, and a variety of student resources created an excellent learning environment for me to gain practical skills and most importantly, confidence and develop officer like qualities which have made me who I am today! The department of Mechanical Engineering played a vital role in imparting quality education and practical knowledge to me that helped and enabled me in opening a wide variety of career paths. The wonderful faculty and upcoming state of the art laboratories during my time at DYPIEMR along with the capable lab staff have greatly helped me in reaching new heights in my chosen career path too. I wish the institute, my Engineering dept and all its faculty the very best and hope to see it touch greater heights.



Name: Mr. Suhel Shaikh

I am extremely grateful to the management and staff for their unstinting efforts to ensure a bright and prosperous future for us. During my days of study I found the college the best place to gain knowledge and experience. I am extremely grateful to the management and staff for their unstinting efforts to ensure a bright and prosperous future for us. During my days of study I found the college the best place to gain knowledge and experience. All the staff members, be it the teaching or the non teaching, were always ready to help in every way possible. I am happy to be a part of the DYPIEMR family and would surely recommend everyone whoever is planning to make their future with this wonderful Institution.



Name: Mr. Akhildev Pillai

DYPIEMR educates students in a very creative way and encourages them to think out of the box. The staff and teachers are very passionate and show genuine desire to help students to achieve their goals. The college has great modern facilities which promote great learning environment that suits to meet the needs of a student like me.



Name: Mr. Dnyaneshwar Shinde
Department:BE Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (2016 Graduation Batch)
LVM GenPlus Private Limited(Founder and CEO)

"I can positively say DYPIEMR, Akurdi has made me a better person. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself. teachers are very caring and interested in student's well-being. They make sure every class is fun, educational and interactive. It has all the best facilities under one roof- state of infrastructure, erudite faculty, professional teachers, well stocked libraries, good computer labs, sports area, and studios with all requirements. I am very grateful to be part of this college."



Name: Mr. Mitesh S Jadhav
Department:BE Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering (2016 Graduation Batch)

"My journey as a student of DYPIEMR had been a memorable one. A great faculty, excellent in their respective fields, never turned us down at times of our need. 4 years were enough to make myself feel indebted to the college forever. Academics, Placements were common, but what I liked the most about my college was the support we used to get for pursuing different extra-curricular activities. The various events held at our college reflected the intensity of bonding among us. The college promoted us to pursue higher education and responsibly helped the interested students, too. The college organized various preplacement programmes for each and every student to crack the jobs, during on and off campus placements. We maintained a very healthy senior-junior relation at our college. To conclude, I am really proud to call myself an alumnus of DYPIEMR "



Name: Ms. Netra Prakash Kalyanshetty
Department:BE Computer
Cloud Engineer,BlazeClan Technologies,Pune

"It has been a great experience to be a part of DYPIEMR. It's difficult, to sum up the memories and experience of four years in a few lines. There is something motivational and special in this environment and infrastructure which made us study and enjoy co-curricular activities. All the faculty and staff members are very helpful and they guided us all the time. Different events and sessions did boost my confidence to a great extent that I can experience at my workplace now. These four years have given me friends for life. It has been an unforgettable journey. I have spent my wonderful days of life in DYPIEMR. Thanks to all who have been a part of my life in encouraging me.“



Name: Mr. Zaiyan Khan
Department:BE Computer
Pursuing Master’s in Computer Science,Lakehead University, Canada

" I can positively say, DYPIEMR has improved me as an individual. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my academics and discover more about myself. Our HOD, Prof. P.P. Shevatekar mam has always been a great support. Teachers are very kind and their way of teaching is really interesting. They ensure each class is fun, educational and productive. Because of their motivation, support and guidance, I'm pursuing Masters' in Computer Science at Lakehead University, Canada.“



Name: Mr. Padmasingh Chavan
Department:BE Chemical – 2019 Graduation Batch
Placed:Navin Fluorine International Limited

"My heartiest gratitude to all the faculty members for imparting knowledge, continuous guidance and support for carving the sculpture named student not only in the academic strata but also making it corporate ready and a responsible citizen. T&P cell has maintained good corporate relations to provide us with top class recruiters in the core fields. The technical talks and soft skill sessions helped me to bring the best out of me and helped me to get placed in a core chemical company. I am thankful to the college authorities for providing the best infrastructure, library, laboratories and other facilities necessary for overall development of a student and the institute".



Name: Mr. Abhi Singh
Department:BE Computer – 2019 Graduation Batch
Placed:TATA Consultancy Services

"I am really grateful to the faculty and Corporate Relations and Placements cell for their consistent help and support throughout my academic journey. I had countless opportunities to develop analytical skills, leadership and proactive thinking through various programs and events organized by the institute. These attributes were the key reasons because of which I was successfully selected with a good package".