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Dr. D. Y. Patil Institute of Engineering, Management & Research, is merging with to D Y Patil International University under which new courses are introduced B.Tech in Semiconductor, Mecahnical, Civil & Chemical.


The Institute always encourages individuals to think, question, explore and apply their well-honed minds to scale newer heights of success

Mr. Niraj Bhadoria

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Batch -2020  Selected in Capgemini

Quality time spent, Quality things gained.” It has been a good four years at DYPIEMR. I would like to thank the faculty and the T&P cell for their efforts ensuring our placements. Department undertook many initiatives in conjuncture with the T&P cell for increasing the competence of the students. Each and every department has their own perks, they conduct many department level activities, competition to grind their students and polish their knowledge.


Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering,Batch -2021  Selected in Virtusa

“ I like to thank all my teachers for all the support and guidance throughout my journey. The entire faculty and department leave no stone unturned to shape one\\\'s future. And I would like to thank our Training and Placement cell to prepared us to face the industry standard with all kinds of workshops, interpersonal skills, soft skills, and many more. Everyone is working very hard, from teachers to training and placement cell in synchronous to give us the best exposer, knowledge, the right skills set and to get placed in the best companies”.

Mr. Prathamesh Parit

BE Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Department,Batch-2024  Selected in Flipkart

“DYPIEMR was an epitome of excellence for me! With state-of-the-art infrastructure, inspiring faculty, and a fiercely competitive atmosphere, it not only propelled my professional journey but sculpted me into a resilient, empowered individual. Proud to be a part of this transformative college experience!”

Ms. Kavita Sahu

Computer Engineering,Batch-2023  Selected in Veritas

"I am incredibly grateful to DYPIEMR for the enriching academic journey. The college has not only provided exceptional education but also endless opportunities for personal and professional growth. Thank you for the unwavering support, inspiring faculty, and a vibrant learning environment."

Ms. Pratima Bakshi

Computer Engineering, Batch-2022  Selected in Microsoft.

“The never loosing spirit after abundant failures, rising up with the same enthusiasm after every fall, the confidence to shine after plenty of disasters id ne of the lessons taught by my almamater. I am glad and thankful to all the authorities who helped me pave my way throughout my journey at DYPIEMR by constantly supporting me.“

Mr. Deepak Gupta

Computer Engineering Batch-2024  Selected in Flipkart

“DYPIEMR has been a transformative journey for me. The inspiring faculty, cutting-edge facilities, and diverse opportunities have shaped my academic and personal growth. The vibrant campus fosters creativity, and the support system, including career services, ensures a well-rounded experience. Proud to be part of a college that values excellence and empowers students for success.“


To train educate and transform the youth into Architects of global excellence imbibing

India's spiritual, intellectual and cultural ethos.


Empowerment through Knowledge.