Education that is of high quality rests on the shoulders of research and new ideas. According to the National Education Policy 2020, top-notch academic study serves as a foundation for a sound education. To overcome social challenges and bring about the dream of an independent India, India needs a dynamic education setup that includes active instruction, extensive learning, research, innovation, and technology development. Universities and other HEIs rely heavily on their study capabilities to provide students with a high standard of instruction. The Research and Development Cell of DYPIEMR facilitates and promotes a culture of research among instructors and students. The R&D Cell has been established to develop and strengthen the research environment in the departments and to bring it in line with India's educational policies. The R&D Cell would foster an environment conducive to productive research, industrial and institutional partnerships, and the mobilisation of resources and grants. We at the R&D Cell of DYPIEMR provides all the basic information and support about the all the possible resources for the grants and collaboration for research.


Dr. Ajay Paithane

Dean, Research and Development Cell

Dr. DY Patil Institute of Engineering Management & Research