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About Novus Neurons

Novus Neurons

Tagline: Live The AI Way

Novus Neurons is the newly launched technical club of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Department, DYPIEMR (September 2021) and we welcome each and every one to enter in the exiting new world of Artificial Intelligence with us. We not only provide you the knowledge from scratch to advance level but also bring in the real-world industrial projects to enhance your skills and capabilities within your surroundings. The group is made up of passionate students and faculty members who want to discover and create new and unique ideas. The college concentrates on improving student's technical abilities through a variety of sector-combined talents. It aims to strengthen students' technical skills by integrating their competencies in a variety of disciplines including machine learning and AI. The club offers a variety of activities to help students discover and develop abilities. The club consists of self-motivated students who gather together to come up with some or the other new and innovative ideas and work on them. The club aims to technically strengthen the students by integrating their skills in the various fields of Engineering & Technology, so as to cope up with the highly competitive environment. Various activities are conducted by the club in order to help the students explore and learn technical skills which will help them in future. The club also motivates students to participate in the competitions that are organized by other colleges.


  • To build on underlying knowledge, understanding, evolving, and effectively applying computational techniques to shift social and technological concerns.
  • To inspire students for technical innovation and growth, which will propel theoretical and technological progress of students
  • To improve student’s team work and to work with and contribute to a variety of people, teams, and experiences.


  • Students will be able to develop, build, and analyze a computational process within realistic restrictions in order to achieve the required goals.
  • Students will be able to deal well in groups to achieve AI design, testing, or implementation objectives.
  • Students will be able to compromise inherent in design decisions through the use of mathematical underpinnings, algorithmic ideas, and machine learning theory in the modeling and design of intelligent systems.

Novus Neurons Team

Novus Neurons Team for A.Y 2023-2024

Name of Student
Hrushikesh Kachgunde
Vice- President
Laukik Marathe
Avni Kolapkar
4 Club Advisor Shifa Dewani
5 Club Supervisor Purva Zende
6 Management Advisor Vedant Gajbhiye
7 Jt. Management Advisor Ankita & Mansi Bochgire
8 Treasurer Sanchit Bokade
9 Media Head Wachas Pati
10 Jt. Media Head Akshat Bhargava
11 Technical Head Ayush Chaudhary
12 Lead Technical Coordinator SiddhiShukla
13 Technical Coordinator Shreya Dhumal
14 Technical Coordinator Priyansh Arora
15 Technical Coordinator Shreya Kakde
16 Web Advisor Atharv Vyas
17 Joint Web Advisor Keshavraj Pore
18 Skill Dev Head Aditi Chavan
19 Joint Skill Dev Head Atharva Velhankar

Novus Neurons Team for A.Y 2022-2023

Name of Student
Hrushikesh Kachgunde
Vice- President
Sunny Kumar
Sarvdnya Dhamale
Jt. Secretary
Laukik Marathe
5 Club Advisor Anas Nadaf
6 Jt. Club Advisor Maitri Shinde
7 Management Advisor Amoksh Layane
8 Jt. Management Advisor Vedant Gajbhiye
9 Treasurer Aditya Tiwari
10 Jt. Treasurer Nilkanth Ahire
11 Media Head Pranav Shinde &
Aditya Khapke
12 Jt. Media Head Abhishek Kolhe
13 Technical Head Prathamesh Parit
14 Jt. Technical Head Ranjan Shitole
15 Jt.Technical Co-Ordinator Arshin Sayyad,
Aayush Chaudhary,
Shrikrishna Channawar,
Chaitrali Tawhare
16 Skill Development Head Aishwarya Botre
17 Jt. Skill Development Head Sushant Jadhav
18 Web Master  Sagar Aute &
Akshada Patil

Faculty Coordinators
Mrs. Shivganga Gavhane
Mrs. Sneha Kanawade

Novus Neurons Team for A.Y 2021-2022

Name of Student
Anas Nadaf
Vice- President
Mitali Nilapwar
Ajinkya Kumbhar
Club Advisor Ravichandra Mulage
5 Treasurer Dev Dave
6 Media Head Amanpreet Singh Mehta
Piyush Bhagat
Amoksh Layane
7 Technical Head Saurabh Martande
8 Skill Development Head Pratik Pawar
9 Web Master Shivam Borse

Faculty Coordinators
Mrs. Chaitali Shewale


Various Activities through Novus Neurons 

SE & TE Project Competition, organized by AI&DS department in association with Novus Neurons Club DYPIEMR on 14th September 2023.

Workshop on "Industry Sponsored Projects" Conducted by Dr. Ajay Deshmukh 
for TE & BE AI&DS students, on 28th August 2023.

A session on "Study Abroad" by Ms.Shailaja Giri, Study Smart overseas education & IELTS training on 25th August 2023 for TE AI&DS Students.

"Self Introduction Activity" for Third year AI&DS students, on 22nd August 2023.

Session on "Awareness of GATE – I2E – Imperial Institute of Excellence (I2E)" Conducted by Mr. Paresh. S. Gugale, Founder - Imperial Institute of Excellence, Pune on 8th August 2023 for TE Students.

Workshop on "Project Selection and Development" by Dr. Vishal Patil on 27th July 2023 for BE Students.

SE Project Competition, organized by AI&DS department in association with Novus Neurons club DYPIEMR on 19th May 2023.

Conducted "The Algorithmic Way" Activity for DYPIEMR students under TECHNOFIESTA on 23rd February 2023.

Computer Engineering and Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Department hosted a Placement Talks session on 17th December 2022 by Miss Neha Kale.

Session on "Analysis of Algorithm" by Mr.Hrushikesh Kachgude TE AI&DS Student on 3rd November 2022.

Session on “How to Take Next Steps for your coding journey” coding concepts session for Beginners & Intermediates, up to getting ready for a coding interview of Placements by Miss Pratima Bakshi (DYPIEMR passout-placed at Microsoft) on 15th October 2022.

Session on “How to make pull requests on GitHub and contribute to open-source by participating in Hacktober fest ” concept session for Beginners & Intermediates, up to getting ready for a making simple pull requests on GitHub on 4th October 2022 and on 6th October 2022

Guest Lecture for TE students on "Network, Cloud and Cyber Security" conducted by Mr. Pravin Shingare, Tech Lead, Nice Interactive Solutions Pvt Ltd, Pune and Mr.Virendra Dubey,Network Security-Team Lead, Accenture Pvt Ltd,Pune on 16th September 2022

Guest Lecture for SE students on "OOPS Concepts and its Real Time Application" conducted by ,Prof. MS. Snehal P. Dongare ,Dept of CS & IT, VJTI, Matunga, MUMBAI on 10th september 2022.

Hands-on workshop for TE students on "Python Django Framework" conducted by Mr. Swami Panjala, Founder and Director, Elite Software,Pune on 5th - 10th September 2022.

A guest lecture for TE students on"Introduction to neural network in pattern recognition" conducted by Mr.Kushall Pal Singh, Ph.D. scholar in the dept. of CSE at MNIT, Jaipur on 27th August 2022.

Session on "Placement Talk with Alumni" Conducted by Computer Alumni Anjali Singh & Shruti Pillai on 20th August 2022

Webinar on “Data Analytics” Data really powers everything that we do by Mr. Kalpesh Ghadigaonkar & Mrs. Aditi Gangar, One Stop Analytics LLP on 10th August 2022

Session 1 on “DSA FOR PLACEMENTS” DSA concepts to Beginners up to getting ready for Placements by Mr. Saurabh Martande Student(TE AI&DS) on 5th August 2022

Workshop On “Responsive Website Development using Bootstrap Framework” conducted by Mr.Swami Panjala, Founder and CEO Elite Softwares ,Pune on 2nd August 2022

A Session on Self Introduction held on 29th July 2022

Various Activities through Novus Neurons for A.Y 2021-2022

Workshop on Drone Development

Workshop on Web Development

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