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You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.

At DYP with delivery of quality education we equally focus on Athletics, Sports and Recreation which helps in maintaining mental and physical balance throughout their curriculum, eradicating stress. Sports directly or indirectly develop skills in students which shadow them to rest future. We go with the theory “Competition leads Success”. Our sports programs amalgamate indoor and outdoor participation along with inter college events under the coaching of field experts leveling up their competencies to achieve national success.

 Winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is 

The unique philosophy “Sports for networking” of DYP is we don’t want students getting isolated within their streams and fundamentally sports is considered uniting people; our coaches arbitrarily select teams designing formats of competitions wherein all faculties come together as one network. The prospectus of this philosophy chemically brushed as networking lessons to students from sports.

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Students Sports Awards

# Game Students Name Competition Venue Result
1 Carom Kaustubh Pendbhaje & Team Pegasus   (CMC College) Tamillnadu ,Vellore Ist  Prize
2 Badminton Aniket Sahasrabudhey & Harjeet Singh & Team University    Badminton ---Competition. Summit ---------------- B-J-Medical College, ----- (Mixed Doubles & Single.) Baramati, Pune MIT, Pune. Pune Ist  Prize, Ist  Prize, Ist  Prize
3 Foot Ball Shubham Khorate & Team University Competition Otur,Pune Selected for Zonal Competition
4 Swimming Abhinay Wankhede University Competition Narayangaon,Pune Selected for Zonal Competition
5 Hand Ball Shubham Khorate University Competition Manchar,Pune Selected for Zonal Competition
6 Chess Sachin Bilpe University Competition Wagholi,Pune Selected for Zonal Competition
7 Volley Ball Prapti Hajare University Competition Baramati,Pune Selected for Zonal Competition
8 Hockey Jayesh Chachar & Sammer kuty. University Competition Pimpri,Pune Selected for Zonal Competition
9 Carom Shubham & Team BITS,PILLANI, Rajasthan Ist Prize
10 Table Tennis Shubham & Team SIT Pune Second Prize
11 Table Tennis Anita Indira Parandwadi Ist
12 Foot Ball Shubham Khorate & Team VIIT,Pune COEP Ist Prize

Sports Academics Calender

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