Mechanical Engineering Students’ Association (MESA)

MESA is Mechanical Engineering student’s association of DYPIEMR Aim of MESA is to provide a platform for the students of the Department by organizing various Technical Seminars, Workshops, Events and Competitions. This helps the students to explore and hone their technical and creative skills with the help of co-curricular and extracurricular activities. A Student committee is constituted to handle the activities conducted by MESA. Activities and events conducted by MESA help students to understand the importance of Soft Skills in life as team work, team spirit, handling the responsibility and leadership qualities.



  • To provide a platform for the students of Mechanical Engineering Department by organizing various Technical, cultural and sports events
  • To promote the interaction between academics and industry by organizing industrial visits, Guest lectures, alumni talks, podcasts etc. and facilitate students in industrial training.
  • To encourage students of the mechanical Engineering department to develop their interpersonal skills, like event management & time management by organizing inter & intra-collegiate events.
  • To embrace leadership and team skills in their career.

DYPIEMR MESA has been a source of inspiration and motivation for everyone involved. It's a way to enrich and take your college experience to a different level. It's a place to learn, grow, explore & nurture the talent in you. It helps you in:

  • Building the confidence and embrace leadership skills among the students.
  • Working with the team and the seniors as well as mentors will definitely help to establish a bridge between students and teachers and upgrade your communication skills.
  • Building an ability to work with multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Helps to understand your professional and ethical responsibility.
  • When you work with the group, whether it is a sport or any other activity, you develop strong interpersonal relations. It will help you to get along with people and learn new skills and abilities from them. These ties help you to grow personally and professionally..


                                                                                                                                          MESA Team Member 


Name of Student
Bhagyesh Nemade
Vice- President
Siddhant Gorhe
Prasad Kalpe
Sport Coordinator
Gaurav Gaynar
Technical Coordinator
Tejashri shimpi
Atharva Kulkarni
Cultural Coordinator
Abhijit Patil
Sharad Sambare
7 MESA Treasurer Sarang Bhongale
Tejas Sonawane
Sponsorship Coordinator
Piyush Bhosale 
Media and Publicity
Keshav Malave
Hanish Gulati
Event Manager
Shrinidhi Lonkar
Tushar patil
Vivek more

                                                                                           Faculty Coordinators                                                                                        
Mr. Sandesh Patil    

DRUSHTI 3.0 - CATIA BATTLE on 21 August 2023

Drushti Cad Battle

Drushti: Cad Battle Event was organized for TE and BE Students.37 students were participated in the events. Students have drawn various automobile components in that event within time span of 2 hours. Mr.Rohit Deshmukh, Design Engineer, Neuman Esser Pune (Alumni 2021 Batch) was the Evaluator for the Event.

Junkyard War/ Jugaad from Kabaad had organized by MESA Club for students. This event tests your ability to make use of every available resource in an optimized manner while racing against time. It gives you a chance to explore yourself and bring out a creative and innovative spark to create something from junk.

Football The most breath-taking game becomes even more so when It’s the robots that play the game that Bring your footballer-bot to the game and become a part of the most attractive of the events Robo-Soccer organized by MESA